New Year – New Projects


So, let’s kick the New Year and my new blog off with a projects board and plans for my January 2017 makes!

The project board in the picture, I made myself – please excuse the photography, I’m still learning!  The board sits on my wall in my sewing room as a big reminder of what I’ve pledged to create.  I used the projects calendar kindly issued by Sew DIY . I’ve found this useful as a focal point to draw my planned projects in to one list, with an order of which to start first etc. etc.  Really useful tool, I recommend anyone planning their makes on a monthly basis to use this.

I may have been a little ambitious here and only time will be the judge, but at this juncture I’m feeling positive that most will be completed by the end of the month.  Maybe to optimistic?  We’ll see!

Updates on progress and more in depth details on all my makes will follow throughout the month, but for now I will give you the list in order!

  1. 1940’s Tea Dress, pattern from Sew Over It, using a Liberty printed sandwashed silk called `welcome’, from Ray Stitch.  This project is for me, first make the year yay!
  2. Pin Tuck Men’s Shirt, pattern from The Great British Sewing Bee Book – From Stitch To Style, using a red & white george geometric cotton lawn fabric from Fabric Godmother . This is for hubbie, the first shirt I have ever made him – I feel nervous arh!
  3. Renfee Cowl Neck Top, pattern from Sewaholic, using grey fleece jersey fabric, from Guthrie & Ghani.  Another one for me to keep warm in!
  4. A faux fur gilet for my youngest daughter, who has wanted me to make one for a while out of leftover grey wooky wool (which I made a fab coat out of last autumn and will share with you soon), again from Fabric Godmother.  The pattern for the gilet I found on Pinterest.
  5. Clover Slim Trousers, pattern from Colette, for my eldest daughter.  We haven’t quite decided on fabric yet, but it is between a black and white cube stretch jacquard from Fabric Godmother or black and white houndstooth suiting fabric from Sew Over It.  Feel free to comment of your preferred choice and watch this space for the final choice…. and finally,
  6. Ginger Skinny Jeans, pattern from Closet Case, using a black linen look drill fabric again from Guthrie & Ghani.  I have never sewn jeans before so this will be interesting!

Phew!  There is a lot to tackle this month isn’t there?!  That’s OK, I will have fun making them, learning new skills and having some new clothes for the New Year.  Plus I get to share it all with you over the next month and you can see my progress!

Feel free to comment or share below, and don’t forget to follow me using the links provided.

10 thoughts on “New Year – New Projects

  1. Wow Sarah . That’s a lot to do !!! Can you fit shortening three of your Dad’s shorts in to this packed programme ? Xxxx

    Sent from my iPod



  2. Good luck with it all! I’ll let you know how he looks in the shirt…you could make us all one, then we can have a uniform !!! 😀


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