It’s An Ochre Obsession

How cold was last week?  I am definitely not cut out for the UK winters’.  Damp, cold and miserable.  Very envious of anyone who lives in warmer climates or those lucky enough to be on holiday in the warm.  Any chance you could send some sun and an increase in temperature over here please?!  The weather has certainly affected my sewing mo-jo, as my sewing room, positioned at the back of the house, has more external walls than internal. Even with a radiator and electric heater, it is very cold indeed!  Cold hands – less sewing. Perhaps I need to invest in some finger-less gloves for times such as these, or knit myself a pair for next year?  Cold weather calls for a lovely hand-kitted jumper and handmade fluffy wool coat and I have just the garments!

Let’s start with the coat.  This lovely warm furry wool coat was made using the Yona Coat pattern by ‘Named‘. The pattern is designed as a wrap coat however, I decided to omit the waist tie as I wanted the coat to be more like a faux-fur look, as the main structure of the pattern was perfect for this gorgeous soft grey wooky wool from Fabric Godmother . Sadly I think this is now out of stock, but Josie at Fabric Godmother would, I’m sure, be able to find you an alternative if you wanted to do something similar.  The pattern called for a lining and I had just the fabric for it – a Liberty Silk Satin called Tiers of Light from Ray Stitch.  I also decided to add a ochre/mustard coloured piping, using some poly cotton I had in my stash.  I inserted the piping between the lining and facings to tie the grey of the wool with the grey-y blues, with hints of ochre, of the silk.  This wasn’t part of the pattern but an adaption which worked wonderfully well.  The coat looks as gorgeous outside as it does inside.  A true mark of a good coat.  The coat is effortless to put on due to the smooth silk and warm/snuggly with the wooky wool.  As you can see in this picture the colour combination works really well – I think so anyway!

The pattern was true to sizing, and instructions very easy, which made this coat much less stressful to make than I thought.  As this was my first ever lined coat, I was really pleased with the result and I have a gorgeous coat that will stay with me forever.

Before making the coat, towards the end of last year, I had already finished knitting my ochre oversized jumper.  I became a little obsessed to say the least with ochre and mustard shades last year, as my family and close friends will no doubt confirm!  I love the colour and the way it goes with my other favourite colours; navy, black, grey, brown………I could go on!  This colour will feature more in my handmade wardrobe over the coming year.


Back to the jumper (sorry I got distracted by the ochre colour again – told you I was obsessed!).  I came across an amazing picture of an oversized ochre jumper on Pinterest in the summer and knew I had to make an equivalent for myself.  I scoured the internet for knitting patterns that would fit the bill and eventually came across a pattern on Etsy by Shibaguyz Designz called Diva (appropriately named!).  The pattern was available only in PDF form, which was fantastic as I could instantly download it and start knitting my swatches for the correct gauge straight away.  For the wool I decided to use Rowan Wool Cotton, colour Brolly, which I bought from  John Lewis in their end of season sale – result!  This was the perfect colour and thickness for my jumper, although the pattern suggested a much finer yarn.  No matter, I was a good girl and did my swatches and found I needed to go up a needle size to a US 6/5mm.  Going by the measurements of the pattern, I went for the small as with being oversized I had plenty of ease to play with.  Also being on the short side in terms of height, I didn’t want it to come to my knees!

The jumper did take some time to knit due to the oversized element.  Having said that I only focused on it in the evenings for 2/3 hours at a time, as it was a relaxing make.  Once I got to grips with the pattern, I found it very easy to watch the television and knit at the same time, which was a huge bonus!  Overall, I am chuffed to bits with this jumper and it’s already become my go-to-comfy-warm jumper of choice.  You will usually find me in it whilst sewing, relaxing or on lovely family walks.  Well worth the four months it took to make.

One final point to make, the above photo’s were my attempts at selfie’s and mirror selfie’s!  My daughter has made a guest appearance in the first shot, showing stupid, confused old Mum how to mirror selfie.  I posted this picture on social media yesterday, as I thought there would be many a parent or grandparent, who would appreciate the confusion on my face of this most taxing task!  After various selfie and mirror selfie’s, the next three photos were the best I could come up with.  Apologies to all who are proficient at selfie’s, this was the best I could do.  I promise to do better next time!  Until then……….

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5 thoughts on “It’s An Ochre Obsession

  1. Brilliant Sarah really enjoying reading your Blog and also what you’ve been doing. Look forward to reading more of what you’ve been doing xxxx


  2. Lovely to see what you have been making. The coat looks fantastic, adore the colour combination especially with the piping. Looking forward to following your future makes.


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