Reflections, Pure & Simple

I thought I would start February and this weeks post reflecting on how January turned out. As is the case for many, it started with resolutions made.  For me that included starting a personal sewing blog, sewing more and making more use of my time.  For the most part, resolutions achieved.  I started my blog mid-way through January and as a result I am more focused on my sewing.  However the ‘more use of time’ resolution has had its’ up moments and slight down moments.  My plan was to feel more in control of my time, not just for sewing, but encompassing all things important in my life; my lovely husband and wonderful children, my wider family, close friends and other things I enjoy; like cooking, reading, dancing, walks and so much more, whether alone or sharing with others dear to me.

Me with my amazing husband and children.  They are my rocks.

This is a lot to pack in and for most of January, I felt I was steadily encompassing the majority of these things in to my daily life. However, heading in to February, I quickly burnt out, a glitch of mine sadly, one which is health related and not so easy to control. The usual result being I have to put on pause, for a while, a lot of the things I love to do. Last week was no exception.  This frustrated and saddened me because I had set my stall out, of what I wanted to achieve by the end of the month and I’d failed in my mission. Family and close friends were, as always, so supportive and stopped the guilt I felt about not fulfilling the majority of things last week, but my sewing goals were the one’s I could not shake the feeling that I’d failed in.  The reason being, when I say I’m going to do something, I mean it!


My first blog post, was the route of this ‘failure feeling’.  I had set six projects that I wanted to complete by the end of January.  Needless to say only two and three-quarters have been completed; the tea dress, the renfrew top and three quarters of the way through hubbie’s shirt – which has not been plain sailing, but will tell you all when I finally finish it!  So when February came loud and clear, I felt like I had gone back on a promise I’d made.  A promise to who, I’m not sure……..readers of my blog? me? ……..honestly I really don’t know.  The expectation weighed heavily on me, until I realised, after reading and watching other sewers blogs and videos, that sewing plans are made, but are not definitive in any time scale.  They may say they would like to have such and such completed by the end of the month etc etc, but no big deal if that doesn’t happen and everyone is cool about it!  How refreshing and a complete relief for me that I am only beholden to me, for what I decide or don’t decide to make.  If I fail, delay or change my mind it really doesn’t matter. I’m doing this for me and I should learn not be so hard on myself!


1940’s Tea Dress
Pin tucks on hubbie’s shirt!
Renfrew top

I will need to remind myself of this `eureka’ moment on the many occasions I’m likely to feel a sense of failure or frustration over my sewing journey, but for now, I feel a sense of calm, at least in my sewing life, and I am ready to start next week with a fresh view.  This has also been helped in particularly from the last blog post from Sew Me Something, where Jules’ words resonated in me to love what I do and be thankful for the positive things in my life, like family, friends and my sewing too.  I have so much I am thankful for. Rachel’s recent blog at Sew RED-y also helped by launching #failfebruary and celebrating and sharing our sewing failures – genius! Click the button below to find out more:

Sew RED-y

I wonder how you all are doing as we enter February?  Feel free to let me know and also your sewing successes and those that were not so successful.  After all we are all continuing to learn from our experiences in life.  For now, take care x

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