Stash Busting – Essentials Part 3

I suppose my blog posts are currently like buses – you don’t see one for a while then three come in a week!  Ha ha!  Oh well, consistency hasn’t been my strong suit recently, but I’m feeling more in the sewing zone these past couple of weeks – even with the children being off school for their Easter break.  Whilst I’ve loved having them home with me and will definitely miss them when they go back to school, I’m looking forward to more guilt free time in ‘bedroom 5’ – aka my sewing room.

Now to my third instalment of essential garments to help use up a metre or so of fabric left over in your stash – I bring you the Ariane Bodysuit by Seamwork.

I bought this using credits allocated each month when you subscribe to the Seamwork online pattern magazine.  I subscribed in January this year for the cost of £4.79 per month (charged in dollar, cost $6), which includes two credits to use to acquire two of their many patterns or use it towards a Colette pattern (Seamwork is part of Colette Patterns).  In addition you receive their online magazine each month with articles, tips and ideas to help you get more out of your sewing.  The Ariane is the first pattern I’ve completed but I have downloaded quite a few already that are on my to-do-list this this year.

I chose this pattern for my essentials wardrobe building as I liked how versatile it would be – a undergarment but also an item to be worn for the summer, paired with jeans, shorts or a skirt or casually under a cardigan or open shirt. In addition it would support my boobs without the need of a bra and give me shape throughout my top half.

I have used Colette patterns before and found them really detailed and I was interested to see if the Seamwork patterns were just as good.  In terms of this pattern, the instructions were really good and understandable for someone new to making anything resembling a bra structure or using lingerie elastic.  It gave clear instructions and references, whether using a sewing machine for the whole process or an overlocker for the main structure, which I did.

The amount of fabric needed for one bodysuit was under a metre, perfect for stash busting and I had a meter of navy and black cotton jersey to use from Fabric Godmother.  Also needed was around four metres of fold over elastic per bodysuit, which I sourced from Etsy.  I was a little nervous sewing with the fold over elastic but there was no need, as if you have ever sewn bias binding to encase a seam, the principle is the same.  The difference being that a zig zag stitch is used to allow stretch to the elastic, which I found very decorative.

Both bodysuit’s came together within two afternoons and I’m extremely pleased with them  both.  In these photos I am trying to show you them on, without causing myself embarrassment with full frontal shots! I am not that brave, but can confirm they look  like the one above, just with thinner elastic straps, which I prefer.

As mentioned, I’d never sewn anything resembling a bra cup before, and found it very straightforward as long as you label each piece that forms the cups as it’s like a little jigsaw puzzle.  I decided for clear elastic support on the inside cup, but with or without underwires is also an option too with ample instructions for all methods.  I found sewing the cups very satisfying and the fit of both in terms of support and comfort for the old bangers is brilliant! I have no fear of bra making now!

I’m also rather impressed with my gusset (my husband hates that word ha ha!) making skills too:

I love the fact that the bodysuits have snaps (or poppers as I call them), great for those rush-to-the-toilet moments I have more of these days!

The only adjustment I made was crossing the straps over at the back, rather than having them straight.  This is purely personal choice to enable me to wear them under my rumi tanks, to avoid the straps showing.

I’m looking forward to getting a great deal of wear out of these and can see many variations to come – including making a swimsuit out of this pattern or a slip, this variation is also included in the Seamwork patterns library.

All that’s left for me to do now is to wish you all a happy Easter and enjoy the long weekend. X

12 thoughts on “Stash Busting – Essentials Part 3

  1. You are getting very professional tackling a one piece and getting it to fit well I’m sure is not easy but you sound and look as though you’ve mastered it. Clever you Xxx😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😘😘😘I’m enjoying being back in my den and looking forward to more time making. They say the more you do something the better you get and I think that’s happening slowly with me. Xxx


  2. I love this!!! Informative too – I’ve had my eye on a couple of bodysuits for a while … and yes, like you, much as I love my kids I’m looking forward to getting my sewing time back too! Enjoy xx


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