Is It Worth Setting `Resewlutions’?


Yes absolutely!  If like me you are a random disorganised sewer, who easily gets distracted by the next shinny fabric or new pattern release, worse still the addiction of your Instagram feed, then setting goals and targets is a must!

As you know from my last post, I have gained a new positive perspective, but also I’m aware that the New Year does not realistically bring a new start without a bit of effort and thought.  I don’t mean setting resolutions that many of us do that in reality will get broken by the end of Feb, I’m more concerned with setting realistic goals and starting the year with a view of what I would like to achieve by the end of the year.

Without further ado here are my 2018 sew resolutions:

  • Sort out my sewing room.  This I have already completed within the first week of the New Year.  Go me! Kicking the sew resolutions in the butt and hitting the ground running – woo hoo!!  I will do a post on this in more detail but here’s a sneaky peak…..


  • Focus on the fabric I do have before buying any more!  This is the general sewers addiction – the fabric pull.  We love to stroke, play and look at the pretty textiles, sometimes with a purpose for it and other times not.  Once the fabric hits the shelf, storage box or the floor it can get forgotten and lost with it’s brothers and sisters and feel abandoned.  Result, we buy more fabric without really checking what we have.  This is usually because we haven’t got the time to sift through the piles and, if like me, memory cells have been lost through copious amounts of red wine, we forget!  The solution for me was to sort, measure and display my fabric stash where I would see each item all the time.  This fell in line with sorting out my sewing room and I decided to create mini bolts, which I shelved in order like books.  Further details to follow.  The process took four evenings, whist watching Peaky Blinders catch up TV, but was so worth it!   Just look how gorgeous this taster is……..

IMG_5740 (Edited)

  • Decide to enact upon myself a fabric ban until further notice! I have so much and this needs to be used, whether that be making something for me, family or friends, or if it’s no longer working for me gifting or taking part in a fabric swap.  This decision was of course made after spending my birthday and Christmas vouchers first!  I still have one voucher for Ray Stitch left, which I am saving for denim purchases, bringing me on to my next resolutions……
  • To make jeans and stop being such a wuss! I’ve had the ginger jeans pattern from Closet Case for over a year and have procrastinated over making them for some time.  There are amazing sewers on Instagram who have made amazing versions and all say its a great pattern and builds confidence.  I just need to take the plunge and this year is my year for doing just that.  I already have denim for the pattern in my stash, but anticipate after making one pair more will follow for myself and eldest daughter, hence the saving of the Ray Stitch voucher!


  • Focus on making clothing that I need, rather than making more of what I already have and making more than I need.  Over last year I recognised the need for a variety of coats to go with different seasons and styles.  In addition I really need more trousers, jeans (as above), skirts and leggings.  Items that will reflect my everyday need of casual and smart casual.  Items that are more formal aren’t really required in my life at the moment on a regular basis.
  • To do a little more selfless sewing for my family.  I would like to finish my first shirt for my husband and have bought lots of Thread Theory men’s patterns to enhance his wardrobe.  Also my girls are always asking me for clothes and I have a big list of wants.  Last year wasn’t realistic but this year I would like to make more for them.  My son doesn’t ask, but if I nail the men’s makes for hubbie, perhaps he might trust me to make him something too!  He is a teenage and it might not be cool to wear clothes your Mum made in front of his mates?!?! We’ll see……I will try not to be offended if that is the case *sobs loudly*!
  • Following on from that, is making handmade gifts for loved ones for birthdays and Christmas for those that will appreciate the thought and effort.  Again, the last two Christmases I didn’t have the time but if I plan ahead from October it would be feasible.
  • Develop more of my pattern drafting skills as I’m quite good at it so it would appear!  I will post more on what I have done soon.  My Instagram feed contains some clothes I have designed and made myself.  Feel free to have a look before my post.
  • Be selective with my time and think through whether I can justify putting myself forward for pattern reviewing or any craft reviewing.  These reason for this is that in the beginning of starting to blog and going on Instagram, I went for everything that came up, but realised how quickly this drained my time and plus I didn’t get payment for it either.  Usually it requires making and then writing a review to promote that business.  The benefit would be keeping the item you are reviewing (a pattern, fabric or craft item).  Usually this wouldn’t be in line with the time spend and I tended to find that a lot of items I wouldn’t use again or didn’t like the fabric so wouldn’t get wore.  For me this is a waste of materials and time that I want to invest on myself.  That’s not to say I won’t put myself forward at all, my decision would be whether I firstly can justify giving away my free time for something that fits in line with my vision, style and beliefs.
  • Following on from that is the taking part in Instagram challenges.  I do love the sewing challenges as it really gets you involved in the community, though they do take time and focus.  Again, I think I need to get involved where I can allocate the time and also if its making something, it’s in line with what I need.  There is no point feeling stressed taking part in a challenge.  These are supposed to be fun and enjoyable.
  • To be more conscious of the impact my sewing has on the environment.  There is a increase in speed sewing which could be seen as creating fast fashion with home sewers and ideals of thrift and make do and mend are lost.  My Nan sewed not just because she enjoyed it but because it was a necessity for her to provide well made clothes at a fraction of the price through thrift and skill.  It’s difficult to see that in place now sometimes.  This area relates to a lot of the above points in terms of how much fabric I have, what I make and whether these are to last and will be loved and worn for many years to come rather than over making.  Can I reuse what I already have? Can I gift items I don’t wear or give to charity? Avoiding landfill is essential.
  • Not to leave my love of knitting out, I want to knit more socks for my sock drawer and knit more jumpers and cardigans.  Perhaps design my own again this year?
  • To investigate seriously whether my hobby is something that I take forward to another level – career perhaps.  This has been whirling in my mind for two years now since I stopped working for my husband.  There is a long way to go with research before I can even give an answer to myself let alone you guys.  Once I know I will of course tell you all.

I think there is more than enough to be going on with this year, don’t you?!  It will be interesting reflecting back to this post in December to see what I have achieved and what has or hasn’t worked for me.  There will always be elements of adaption that take us in different directions and that’s ok.  It’s all part of the journey.

Have you got any resolutions, sewing or craft wise or just in general?  Do share your thoughts and plans.


4 thoughts on “Is It Worth Setting `Resewlutions’?

  1. These are great reSEWloutions! Most of mine are very similar to yours. Definitely need to work through my stash otherwise the longer it gets left the less likely it will ever get used. I’m starting the ginger jeans tomorrow! Sewing career plans… a sewing shop and space in Bedford please with an overlocker course!

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    1. We are on the same wavelength on all fronts!! Sewing twins 😍 yay for gingers! Once I get out of bed I’m basting my Mia jeans thought i’d start with those first for jeans confidence before gingers.
      Career – that’s the dream and hoping to work up to that 🤞🏻 need a lot of dosh for it but fear not if it’s meant to be it’ll happen!

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