What’s all the fuss about these Ogden’s?

I don’t know about you but the amount of sewers that I’ve seen make the True Bias Ogden Cami is astonishing! I have loved and admired each and every one and thought ‘I must make one of those to see what all the fuss is about’! So I did, finally!

My summer vibe helped me wiz up not one but FOUR of these cami’s! All made from my stash of 1m leftover fabrics. The floral one was slightly more hence why I made it in to a dress/tunic. This pattern is great for stash busting.

I have to say once I did my first one I fell in love with this pattern – yes these are my first ogden’s and yes I think I have been living in a cave to be one of the very few people still left to make this pattern!

The pattern is based on a height of 5ft 5in. As I’m a short arse – 5ft 2in – and have a short torso, I had to shorten this by 2 inches but the strap length was perfect on me so no adjustment there (I am broad shouldered) or to the sizing on a perfect 10. I am a B cup and the pattern is for a C cup. So a little room in the chest area, which was perfect as I prefer tops like these to have a bit of room to swing my arms! Those who are above a C will need to do a full bust adjustment (FBA). Here is a good one from The Pug and Needle blog to get you started.

For the fabric I used two crepe’s, the floral one which is lightweight from Sew Me Sunshine and a luxury crepe in the green from Sew Over It. The black cami was a cotton voile from Ray Stitch and the navy with splodges is by Atelier Brunette (Moonstone Blue) from Sew Me Sunshine. All were perfect fabrics with great drape for this pattern. Anything lightweight to medium with superb drape would work well here.

The floral cami I extended in to a dress/tunic by adding 20cm to the length (too short to wear without leggings or shorts or I might keep this as a nightie!). I will definitely make further dresses with extending the length and I will probably go to 30cm to be decent!

A picture of the ‘guts’ of the cami’s here as I think it is important to show you how to ‘switch up a gear’ in a make. I decided to do extra finishing touches and use some more of my left over fabric by making my own bias binding. I bound the hem of the facing instead of hemming. Love the effect and wearing it knowing how beautiful it looks inside is a wonderful feeling! Another great way to use up those scraps of fabric with contrasting colours. I love how these three turned out.

I know so many people rave about this pattern but honestly it is fabulous, comes together brilliantly and instructions are wonderful. I now can make this without looking and achieved this after my first one infact! I hope this weather continues so I can wear them on rotation, if not they will be layered up!

Here’s me in my green one soaking up the sun this morning! Excuse the selfie shot. I will add more pics when I can get one of my brood to take some for me *sighs*.

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