Me-Made-May 2018

Here it is again for another year! Although I participated last year for the first time, I had to suddenly ‘drop out’ after the first week for family reasons. Technically this will be my first proper year doing this, but my limited experience last year has definitely shaped my pledge for this year.

Whilst the idea of this great challenge, run by Zoe from So Zo What Do You Know, is to enhance and develop your relationship with your handmade wardrobe. For me, I allowed the social media element of the ‘daily photo’ to completely stress me out! As Zoe, the author of this amazing challenge explains, this is NOT a photo challenge, nor a reason to made loads of new clothes and it is definitely not a competition! Quite right too and I more than anyone needs to remember that!

As a result I have decided not to post my outfit’s daily on my instagram feed. I may add some here and there on my instagram stories but that will really be if the mood takes. Instead I want to focus on the purpose of the challenge and think about what I personally need by taking part. Without further ado, here is my pledge:

I, (Sarah of and @yoursewinstyle on instagram), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear all of my Me-made items including those I have repaired or mended to understand more of what works in my wardrobe and to reflect on gaps in my wardrobe for future makes. In addition I will be more proactive and braver to share on my blog and social media my makes that I haven’t got a round to documenting, for the whole of May 2018.’

You will note that I have not been specific on how often I will wear my Me-made clothes. The reason for this is that my handmade wardrobe is small but varied with lots of gaps and depending on the weather, if I am working from home or out on a particular day, this can determine what handmade items I wear, if any, on a given day. There is also likely to be a lot repetition, which is brilliant because that means I am getting lots of wear out of my beloved makes. I have stated that I will wear ALL of my Me-made makes for May, this includes those that I may not reach for automatically, as well as those I live and breath in. This is to establish whether the makes I wear least often are because they are just not me anymore. If so, how I can change that to suit my style more ie refashioning the item? Or whether I just forget about them out of habit and find a new love for them from digging them out.

I also added the repaired and mending element to my pledge as there have been items I haven’t worn for ages due to losing weight or they need repairing and I want to bring those back in to regular wear rather than sitting sad in the wardrobe forgotten.

My final part of my pledge is to document on my blog and social media pages all the garments I’ve made that haven’t been mentioned as yet. There are a lot! Already this year I’ve made eight items and only documented one – my Ogden Cami’s (there are four of those but I count them as a generic one!). I also have makes from last year and beyond that I have never got round to documenting. This makes me sad as I’m so proud of my achievements but seem to find documenting and photographing my makes more of a challenge than making them! This was not the purpose of my blog and social media set up for my sewing journey. As such, I’m going to be braver and share more of what I love to make and wear this month and beyond!

Hope you enjoy the journey with me and if you are taking part in #MMMay18, I look forward to seeing how your pledge pans out with a new found love for your own handmade wardrobe.

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