New Year – New Projects


So, let’s kick the New Year and my new blog off with a projects board and plans for my January 2017 makes!

The project board in the picture, I made myself – please excuse the photography, I’m still learning!  The board sits on my wall in my sewing room as a big reminder of what I’ve pledged to create.  I used the projects calendar kindly issued by Sew DIY . I’ve found this useful as a focal point to draw my planned projects in to one list, with an order of which to start first etc. etc.  Really useful tool, I recommend anyone planning their makes on a monthly basis to use this. Continue reading “New Year – New Projects”



Hi, I’m Sarah and I’d like to welcome you to my sewing blog – Your Sew In Style!

Why start a sewing blog you may ask, well I have always been creative since being very small and was first taught how to sew and knit by my lovely Mum from a very young age. However, life took over and many years later (I wouldn’t like to say how many!), I started sewing again in my spare time, fitting it around working part-time and my three beautiful children. Continue reading “Introduction”